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Pilates Re Bar, a Japanese affiliated Pilates reformer studio, likes to facilitate the idea by providing safe, fun exercise. We are here in Jakarta first, and then we will spread out all over Indonesia to serve all ages and sizes, making this accessible to all. 

Our vision

Everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle through world class pilates studios near their home and workplace.
3 ME “Me Body. Me Life. Me Time”

Our mission

To educate, share, and empower everyone with the benefits of a healthy life with Pilates, so people will be strengthened, will have good posture, will be confident, and will be protected from harm. Thus, everyone will live a longer, more active lifestyle, be happier, and have a more fulfilled independent life. Pilates Re Bar serves everyone with ‘A’wesome attitudes and uplifting spirits from every walk of life. We offer the most practical, fun, and enjoyable movement to achieve the most desired state of body, mind, and spirit.

Our goals

To serve EVERYONE with Pilates—everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle with Pilates. To make pilates AFFORDABLE for our Members. To build a COMMUNITY of healthy mind, body & soul.

The people behind Pilates Re Bar

Why Pilates ReBar?

Unique Philosophy

3M - ME Body ME Life ME Time #HealthyLifeWithPilatesReBar Pilates Re Bar is a place to spend the time serving the body to get the treatment of your life. This healthy lifestyle should be accessible for EVERYONE.

Kaizen Pilates

The concept of PILATES itself with consistent practice improves flexibility and posture and builds strength and control to achieve continuous improvement and benefits to the body.

Kaizen is the Japanese word for ‘improvement’ or ‘change for the better. Although it is not specifically defined as such, kaizen has taken on the meaning of ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘philosophy of improvement’.

Kaizen Pilates uses the method of re-learning and re-educating the mind while doing the exercises. A process of decluttering the mind and improving the body core. It is working with details into the medical issues, to rehab and strengthen the body core to achieve continuous improvement.

Great Community

Goals to achieve a fuller, more satisfying physical existence bring our member together and be in a community of PRB Family.

Our Partners

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