Founder & Managing Director

Eny Surya

Simply put, I started doing pilates because of the doctor's advice. After a very serious vehicle accident with whiplash, which was followed by a slip and fall down several stairs that cracked my tailbone, Pilates was strongly advised as a component of my recovery. Pilates reduced the length of my recovery, which would have normally taken at least six months, to half of what was anticipated.

Upon returning to Indonesia, my life has to adapt to the hustle and bustle of living in Jakarta. Pilates in Jakarta is perceived as a high-budget exercise regime compared to the prices I was accustomed to when I used to live overseas for many years.
Bearing the above points in mind and as I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a Japanese pilates business partner, I decided to get on to this venture. Being accustomed to Japanese language & culture myself, I value Japanese’ way of kaizen or continuous improvement business strategy, consistency, etiquette and relationship-oriented culture. Furthermore, I see pilates as part of a physically mindful lifestyle that will nurture, align & strengthen my body to its core and functional flows. From young to young-at-heart ages, everyone can take on pilates to continuously & consistently improve their well-being and thus, lifestyle. The forty-seven years of my life journey from living in various countries, my educational background, my working professionally in various fields; have given me valuable skills and experiences, which culminated to the birth of Pilates Re Bar that is aligned with my life vision & missions.

I believe that I can impact and empower teens, women & families around me to lead a happy & healthy lifestyle through world class Pilates Re Bar studios; that’s not only affordable but professionally run by qualified, fun & caring pilates coaches, near home & workplace.
Not only do I get to have my ME TIME by doing pilates, but I also have my space to breathe as I exercise ME BODY, in order to recharge ME LIFE. Movement heals, and movement keeps us going the extra mile as we assume the many roles in life. Pilates is a female-dominated market. Therefore, I believe by influencing more women to get on this life re-formation journey with pilates, pilates will be a part of your lifestyle and Pilates Re Bar, your 2nd home.

I wish that my story would inspire women out there to live a balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Their happiness will attract their spouses, children, family members, and friends to join them on the journey of a #healthylifewithpilatesrebar.

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